Shaun Higley Artistry

About 4 years ago Ryan helped me out tremendously by creating my website for my art/photography business. Prior to that that I had be utilizing Wix for a website which I 100% did not like. The difference between what I had and what Ryan did was night and day. The ease and the flow, let alone the overall design itself is truly amazing. I wanted something that when someone goes to the site they get a feel of what I do right off the bat as it draws them in to want to view more of my work. Being a photographer it is helpful to be organized when displaying my photos (portraits, landscapes, etc) so that they are not only easily accessible to me, but to individuals interested in hiring me as well The moment my website officially launched and I saw it I felt like a true professional. One of my favorite aspects of my site is that Ryan gave it mobile capability. So when I am out networking I can pull it up on my phone to show a prospective client. I really love how main home page scrolls through 5 of my favorite photos showing customers a good mix of what type of work I do. Each tab at the top allows you to see my bio, my photos with sub categories and my art with sub categories as well as my contact info that automatically sends emails to my business account. I am very pleased to this very day with what Ryan has done. I have recommended and always would recommend him to anybody looking to built a website.